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The Hotel Association of Canada is the leading voice of the Canadian Hotel & Lodging industry, bringing legislative solutions to industry challenges.  We deliver targeted advocacy for fair rules for the sharing economy, to address Canada’s hotel labour shortage, and for sustainability solutions for the hotel industry across Canada.


This is


$21.9 billion generated
in revenue
Generated “value-added”
of $20.3 billion
Generated revenues estimated at $9.5 billion for all three levels of government

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The Hotel Association of Canada is an association intended for all hotels, motels, and resorts in Canada.

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The Hotel Association of Canada is an association intended for all hotels, motels, and resorts in Canada.  Our commitment as the leading voice of Canada’s hotel and lodging industry is to advocate for fair rules for the sharing economy and to address the labour shortage on behalf of our membership.


We are


Establishments Across Canada
Hotel Rooms Across Canada

People Employed

Directly Or Indirectly On Full-Time Or Part-Time Basis

Billion Dollars

Total Salary And Wages In The Sector

Canada’s Hotel Sector
Deserves Tax Fairness

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    In early August, HAC submitted its written brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance for the pre-budget consultations in advance of the 2020 Federal Budget.   On behalf of Canada’s hotel industry, HAC’s pre-budget submission focused on recommendations including tax fairness for......