Let Your Voice Be Heard – Now Is The Time!

The HAC has created a straightforward way to advance the Canadian Lodging Industry’s message on to government officials.

Simply fill out the fields below, choose the recipients and send the message below.

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  The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
• Prime Minister
• Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
  The Honourable Thomas Mulcair
• Leader of the Opposition
• Leader of the New Democratic Party
  Justin Trudeau
• Leader of the Liberal Party
  Elizabeth May
• Leader of the Green Party of Canada
  The Honourable Jason Kenney
• Minister for Employment and Social Development
  The Honourable Chris Alexander
• Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
  The Honourable James Moore
• Minister of Industry
  The Honourable Maxime Bernier
• Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism, and Agriculture)
  Blake Richards
• Chair of the Tourism Caucus
  Brian Masse
• NDP Tourism Critic
  The Honourable Joe Oliver
• Minister of Finance
  The Honourable Judy Sgro
• Liberal Tourism Critic